Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mafia Queen Part VI: Even the devil may cry when he looks around hell and realizes that he's there alone

If he were a song, he'd be a complicated melody ...

“I’m coming with you” I look him dead in the eyes and turn to walk away.

“What? No, you’re not.” he orders me, determined.

“I don’t think it’s your decision to make.”

“I disagree” he glares at me way too sure of himself.

“Wait, wait...” I wave my hands in the air as though surrendering “... aren’t you the one who kidnapped me, faked my passport and IDs, and grabbed me a bunch of clothes to skip town?” my indignation stuns him, for a moment.

He grabs my arms at the elbow and pulls me up against his body, “I changed my mind” he growls. The scent of wet grass and sandalwood envelops me, but I’m too angry to enjoy his heat.

“I changed my mind” I mock him with emphasis.

Fury rages in his eyes and a shadow of fear travels through me.

“You will not pass the border Blue” he warns me and I step out of his grasp.

Thunder and lightning pass through me as anger and confusion assault my heart. I feel a storm brewing in my gut.

You will not tell me what to do” I bite back and start walking away. Silence encircles us and I am tempted to turn and see if he’s following. I close my eyes to feel the energy of his anger and I am assaulted by a wave of sadness and despair. Pain shreds through me as I try to push his fears away from my thoughts.

I start trying to make my way back to the car but the forest is much too dark and I lose my balance. “Shit!” I brace myself for pain.

Faster then you’d think a man that injured could move, he grabs for me and breaks my fall. Oak roots pierce into my ankle and I whimper in pain.

He wraps me in his arms and my aggression wanes and melts. As though reading my mind he smirks a little, “Let’s sit for a minute, ok?” his voice softens as I try to put my foot down.

Why not, I think to myself. The forest is still as dark as the pits of hell, and any attempt to move around will probably land me in a hospital. I feel for the ground and he holds on to me until I rest comfortably on the soft moss around us. Carefully, he crouches next to me and takes my ankle in his hands. Although I’m still wearing my knee-high boots, his hands send shivers up my leg. I try to think of anything other than how good they’d feel rubbing other parts of my body.

“It’s weird how someone so athletic could be so clumsy sometimes” he chuckles gently and I let myself smile. Amber eyes glow in the darkness and I catch myself staring into them much longer then I should.

“It’s my curse” I joke, trying to ease the tension.
“No,” his eyes darken with seriousness, “I’m your curse.”

“Ha!” I almost shout in disbelief. “Milo, don’t you know what you mean to me? To my life... to my sanity?” I feel the burning of emotion in the corners of my eyes, but I refuse to cry. “You saved me,” my voice breaks with gratitude, “You rescued me from the pit of despair, of shame... of cowardice. If you hadn’t walked into my life that day I would be a shell of what I am right now. No Mi, no... you are not my curse… I am blessed that you found me, that you strengthened me...” I pause and stare into the abyss of emotion that plays havoc on his face “...that you love me.”

He stares at me and I drown in the agony and joy I sense in his soul.

“No one will ever see me as you do,” his eyes pierce my angry heart, “No one ever has.” The disappointment in his voice melts my defences and, for a moment, I’m willing to forgive him everything I’ve learned tonight.

“I’m sorry” I whisper as his pain engulfs me and I drown in his loneliness. He pulls me firmly into his massive arms and I lose myself in the warmth of his broken heart.

“Please don’t follow me Blue” his voice begging me to see reason, “I can’t breathe knowing this monster hunts me in the night. I can’t lose you to my fucked up plan... I won’t.”

I’m overwhelmed by uncertainty. I wonder if I know too much... I wonder if I know anything at all... Tortured eyes burn through me and I try to adjust my body away from his stare. I’m dominated by the heat mounting between us.

“Blue,” he whispers as his hand moves to touch my face. His fingers run a map across my chin and his thumb slides over my parted lips.

“We shouldn’t do this” I murmur since I can barely breathe. It takes all my willpower not to rip off his clothes and have him right here on the forest floor.

“I know,” he says and drops his hand. My body begs for full contact... He gets up to stand and I am overwhelmed by the sudden urge to grab him.

“Come on Blue,” he reaches down to help me up. “I’ll take you home.” He sighs and I can see the muscles straining in his jaw. “I’d hate to make you do something you might regret.” His eyes linger on me and I catch my breath.

I take his hand and he lifts me up so easily I lose my balance, step on my injured ankle, and fall into him. The smell of his skin blended with forest is too much for me to resist. I wrap my arms around his neck and breathe in trying to regulate my pulse.

His warm breath soothes my shoulder, my neck, and I am helpless against him. His strong arms wrapped around my body ignite sparks of electricity which travel mercilessly up my spine. He hesitates though I can literally feel how much he wants me. His body rigid in all the right places I am amazed by his self control. I hold on tighter, dropping my torso along his so that I can feel every twitch in his strong muscles. He tremors and I humm against him. He moves his hands slowly up my body and his thumbs run smoothly over the lace of my bra. I am helpless against his touch and I bend and move allowing him free access to my skin.

He jerks me slightly away from him and cold moisture envelopes the absence of his warmth. I close my eyes – don’t look at him Blue, I command myself as wild, exotic thoughts run through my mind.

Think Blue think! I chastise myself. There is no future here.

Silence mounts around us as I struggle with my own resistance. Memories of Milo’s powerful body assail my chastising thoughts with a vengeance. His bracing me against the wall while his hands and mouth assault me with pleasure and strength... my own body panting in fissures of bliss and heat... I wince as images of ecstasy wave through me in despair.

Milo could barely hold it together with his hands on Blue’s soft waist and his mouth so close to hers he could feel her heat on his skin. He was sure the beating he’d received tonight would keep him clear of his erotic cravings. But being this close to Blue, after being apart from her body for so long, was proving to be more taxing then he expected. He was broken, battered... how could he still be wanting?

At first, he thought his body was simply relieved to be alive. Hearing that monster rat him out to Blue nearly killed him more than the kicking and breaking of his ribs. There was so much to regret about his time away from her... so much he wished he could take back.

And yet, somehow, for some unfathomable reason, she refused to abandon him. Even after knowing at least some of the gritty details of his nights without her. That had shocked him most of all. What kind of woman was this? No one had ever defended him without being paid, or frightened, into it. No one ever willingly placed themselves in danger for him... ever.

Of course, Blue wasn’t just anyone. Her ancestry traced back to Remus, and he knew the only reason that bullet missed him was because of her proficiency. He tried for months to help her harness her influence. Although Blue wasn’t ready to fully accept her skill, her strength and power were growing, and such abilities would soon become impossible to fight.

Now, standing close to her like this, Milo knew the soreness he felt had little to do with his injures. His muscles, tensed and aware, he instinctly knew seducing her would be no challenge. After all, sharing their bodies had been the most erotic experience in Milo’s life. There was something both feral and warm about Blue that he could find in no one else. Despite how many women he took to bed, they had never been enough to satiate his need. He was like a drug addict trying to appease his cravings with cigarettes. It was futile, and he knew it. No one else could ease the throbbing of his body and the coldness in his heart... and for the first time tonight Milo realized how hard it was going to be to let go of Blue, again. He’d planned on taking her with him so that he could have her next to him, always. He knew she’d be angry, but once she truly sensed his feelings for her, he was certain she would forgive him... stay with him... willingly.

That monster changed his plans the minute bullets started flying all around them. They would never stop chasing them... never let them be together. The Campanili had to be destroyed, they had to be removed. Milo dreamed of the day when things would be different, and old traditions would die alongside old enemies. That day was coming soon; he was making sure of it.

Milo looked over at Blue who still held her eyes closed. He thought of mythical forest nymphs who used to call on the magic of trees to help them escape. Ironically, he probably wasn’t that far from the truth. Her dark brown hair fell in wet curls below her shoulders and covered her naked skin. She shivered as though some frightening thought passed over her, and once again he felt the need to clutch her and hold on. This was what he needed — someone to balance the insanity. Someone he could believe in even during the most brutal of attacks. Someone who wouldn't flee in fear, anger, or jealousy. His angst consumed him as his body begged for her touch. He had to keep her safe... he had to make up for all the shit he brought into her life.

His last thoughts sobering his resolve, Milo took a deep breath of forest air. He gathered all his remaining strength and pulled his hands away from her frame.

I open my eyes in surprise as his hands move away from my skin and into the front pockets of his now tattered jeans. I’m stunned by his control... keeping my eyes on his hidden hands clearly informs me of how ready he is for everything I have in mind.

“I’m not good for you, Blue” he growls at me but doesn’t move away. For some sick and maddening reason, his self restraint makes me want him even more. Get a grip Blue, I yell in my head.

“I’d hate to corrupt your morals” his mouth turns in a mischievous grin - we both know my morals have very little boundaries. His questioning eyes burn into my soul looking for answers I try to hide.

I fumble for the right words to reject him and maintain my self-respect. Sadness engulfs him as he senses my hesitation. He tilts his head towards me, turns on his heels and moves to walk away.

“Mi” I barely whisper, but this forest is so deathly quiet my voice echoes like a scream.

He stops, back to me, muscles stressed so tight I think he’s shirt might rip.

“I think about you all the time” I say as quickly as I can, before I lose my nerve. “All the time... always”

“Always?” he turns to face me, his eyes hooded by his need.

“Umm hmm” I nod my head in full disclosure. Relief settles over me as I admit my sins. For weeks now I have been haunted by Milo’s naked body in my dreams. I can’t escape his mouth, his hands, the craving in his voice. “What can I say..." my mood lightens at his surprise,"... you got me under your spell.”

“Hmm,” he frowns in the most vicious smirk I’ve ever seen, “I thought you were the gifted one.”

“You’re gifted too,” I tease him playing with the ends of my hair.

He closes the distance between us and I am alive again.

“Being together... like this...” he’s sceptical and breathless “...might make it worse than being apart.”

I step into him so close that I am once again aware of his growing need. I run my hand along his neck and curl my fingers in his wet black hair. I breathe deeply, allowing myself to feel the calm before the storm that is sure to come.

“Staying apart has not helped either” I whisper, my mouth so close to his I feel the wetness on his lips. “I need you Mi, here and now... be mine again, and nothing else will matter.”

His mouth covers mine and I am overwhelmed by hunger, warmth... desire. I lose myself in his need and rip at his black shirt with my trembling hands. His hands caress my body and lines of heat burn under his fingertips.

Flames blaze through me to the core, around us the forest damp and silent. He snaps the locket on the front of my bra and slowly peels the lace away from my skin. I grab his hard body to feel his muscles clench against me. He grips my shorts by the back pockets and lifts me onto waist. My legs wrap around him and my core comes in direct contact with his burgeoning groin. A silent hiss escapes my lips and I rub myself against him desperate to feel our bodies without clothes.

His mouth releases mine and his warm wet tongue traces my chin... my neck. I can’t believe he’s still holding me up while his hands and mouth strive to devour me.

He starts to walk and I grab onto him afraid I’m gonna fall.

“I got you Blue” he whispers in my neck, “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt you” he looks at me with a cunning grin, “Well, I’m not gonna hurt you, much.”

I laugh and rest my head against his shoulder. I am weak from pleasure and heart ache – I close my eyes and feel his thoughts. His vibration is so powerful I barely need to concentrate; it radiates with a hungry need to protect and destroy. Milo has always been such an enigma for me. One minute he’s a fierce and murderous predator and the next he’s cold and lonely. I want to reach out to him and warm some of the frost surrounding his heart. I focus on the devotion and tenderness I feel for him right now. I let it pour over him, into him, warming and enticing him until he melts under my body and whispers my name.

He pushes me up against a tree trunk so thick you’d think the forest has walls. The bark digs into my skin and I cry in pain.

“I’m sorry Blue,” his voice full of concern. “Did I hurt you? Is my buckle digging into you?” He looks down and pulls me away from his throbbing body.

“No,” I smile looking at his bulging pants and smiling at his eagerness, “but I don’t think trees were made to serve as mattresses,” I arch my back and watch him clearly enjoying the view.

With strength I can’t deny he loosens the shirt off his back while simultaneously holding me strapped to him, and pulls away from the tree.

“Acrobat much?’ I tease him as he pulls the shirt up my arms and around my back

“You’ll see,” he promises with mischievous intent. I’m gently thrown back into the oak. His mouth covers mine and his warm tongue wreaks havoc with my thoughts.

The shirt moistens with dew and the strength of the bark behind me seeps into my veins. My need elevates to near desperation.

We tense and relax from the sheer pleasure of free, uncensored contact. His muscles contract with satifaction and I run my tongue along his collar bone. His skin begs me to bite him and I make my way down his shoulder... his biceps... His body thrusts against me and I sink my canines into his warm, hard skin. He growls deep in his throat as I wrap my legs tighter around his hips.

I lose track of space and time as all my senses explode in beams of ecstasy. Waves of pleasure contract my body and send Milo over the edge. He buckles under the seizure of bliss and I swear I can see stars glow all around us.

* * *

Out of breath and with no fight left in me, I am suddenly aware of the raging storm of carnage that's heading our way. I can feel the hurricane of hostility, the typhoon of cruelty, the lightning of fire and destruction... I submit to the fury and passion that stirs in my blood. I can no longer deny what I have always known to be my source of knowledge and pain. I yield to it all, and allow it all to satiate my every cell. I allow myself to feel the forest around us and vibrations of hate and aggrestion shake me to the core. They are coming for us... it's time to face the demon and his minions... it's time to leave the devil alone in his hell.


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